5 Simple Tips to Fight the Daytime Sleepiness  

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Like diet and exercise, sleep also plays a major part in defining a healthy lifestyle. Where a lack of sleep can keep one drowsy, excess daytime sleepiness also comes with trouble. This drowsiness can make one feel extremely tired and low on energy when indulging in day-to-day activities. Nobody can define its impact better than you if you are facing this. 

There can be different reasons resulting in extreme sleepiness throughout the day. The list can include narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, shift-work sleep disorder, and many other conditions. Similarly, there are many ways you can step out of extreme sleepiness. You can easily buy Modafinil in the UK and find tips to manage extreme sleepiness at work. So, shall we start uncovering them?    

1. Consume Some Caffeine 

You all know about caffeine being a stimulant, and consuming it can boost you while working. Once drinking it, you can expect it to show effect in the next 5-30 minutes. Along with other changes, you can get an increase in your energy and mental alertness. 

As a result, you can combat the extreme sleepiness affecting your work and improve your productivity. 

2. Leave Your Desk 

Do you know what can make your daytime sleepiness worse? Constantly sitting in that one spot for longer. Well, to not let that happen, you must take some minutes off your workstation and take a walk. Moreover, this can also be helpful with your blood flow and make it easy for you to stay up and focus on your work. 

Understandably, you can’t take too many breaks from your workstation. So, how about finding ways to keep up the movement at your desk?

3. Say Yes to Upbeat Music

Do you know upbeat music can help your brain with feelings of joy? Well, this fast and joyous music can do much more for you. You know that working in utmost silence can be monotonous. And to make your extreme drowsiness worse, it can make you ready to fall asleep at any hour. Well, that’s where upbeat music can come into action and wake your brain up.

However, there are certain things you need to draw attention to. Firstly, you have to make sure your employer doesn’t have a problem with you listening to music. Next, it shouldn’t affect your productivity.

4. Have a Bright Workspace

Call yourself lucky if you have got a window seat in your workspace. Well, that’s because you would be able to open the cover and allow nature’s light to come in. And with that, you can get a boost to your energy levels and alertness. 

Even if you don’t have a corner seat, you can still reach your employers with permission for a lamp or lightbox near your seat. And the low UV levels being emitted can be helpful for your wake cycle. 

5. Have a Light Meal

Well, gulping the flavor will not be a favor for your extreme sleepiness and will worsen it, actually. At the same time, you should also avoid sodas, carbohydrates, and sugary meals. And if you find your hunger not satisfied with the light lunch you have chosen, pick healthier food options for yourself. 

Talking of healthier and light food options, you can have a wide range of meal solutions. You can choose anything from berries, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, chicken, and eggs, 

Modafinil: A Solution to Promote Wakefulness

Before we can call it a wrap, let’s quickly go through another solution to kick your extreme sleepiness away. Yes, we are talking about Modafinil UK. Being a CNS stimulant, this medicine can boost your wakefulness. It can influence your mind and promote feelings like improved thinking and alertness. 

Let’s Call It a Wrap!

As this blog has ended, it is time to conclude the discussion on tips to promote wakefulness at work. Let’s give them a quick review here again. When feeling drowsy, you can take a caffeine shot and get up from your desk after some intervals too. You can also listen to upbeat music to make your brain stay up. The other tips can include taking lighter meals and surrounding your workspace with light. 
You can also consider taking Modafinil in the UK along with the above-stated solutions. This medication can help you deal with extreme daytime sleepiness caused due to narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, and shift work sleep disorder.

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Checked Date: 19-Oct-2022
Next Check Due: Oct-2023

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