Artvigil: Benefits And Complications

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Armodafinil is an active agent in its products that promotes wakefulness to the mind. This drug is used to treat excessive sleepiness caused by narcolepsy, sleep apnea, or work shift sleep disorder. The pill works by changing a certain amount of natural substances found in the area of our brain that controls your brain activity for sleep and wakefulness.

Armodafinil is also known as Nuvigil, which is a new and strong drug compared to Modafinil. Both these pills, Armodafinil UK and Modafinil are prescription drugs FDA-approved to treat daytime sleepiness.

Both the drugs have similar attributes to their effect for treating sleepiness, even though Armodafinil has more lasting results than Modafinil. Armodafinil has its benefits and flaws.

Why is Artvigil Beneficial?

  • Every time you pick up your medicines at your nearby pharmacist, you will always get a medication guide. There is a particular manner in which you have to take this medication. For narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea, take this medication by mouth as per your doctor’s orders. The consumption is usually once a day, and you can take this pill with or without food.
  • However, if you plan to use this medication for sleep apnea, continue your other treatment (mouth device) unless your doctor tells you not to.
  • Your medication dosage is based on it affecting you, like your medical condition and response to the treatment. It is best to take the medication regularly as per your doctors’ opinion.
  • If you do suddenly stop your pills, you may have withdrawal symptoms. You could see signs like sweating, chills, nausea, confusion, and vomiting. It is best to tell your doctor or pharmacist that you are having withdrawals.

Artvigil Complications You Need to Know

It is always said that there are two sides to a coin, and similarly, there are drawbacks of artvigil as well. 

If you are experiencing a study and runny nose, anxious feeling, or even dizziness, they are less severe side-effects. You could also get headaches, indigestion, nervousness, and difficulty in sleeping. If you have a severe side-effect, you could contact extreme expressions like a vision change, Dyskinesia(a type of abnormal movement disorder), abnormal heart rhythm, and high blood pressure.

But, these side-effects of Armodafinil can still be cured if you go to the right doctor. It is the rare side-effects that can create a problem for you. And you can not imagine that something like this happens to you or someone you know; that is why we call it “rare.” Side-effects like Anaphylaxis, Steven-Johnson Syndrome, Angioedema, and Dress Syndrome, yes, these synonyms are as scary as they are to spell and write. But, these are sporadic syndromes; their possibility of affecting you is minimal. That is why we keep reminding you that a doctor’s opinion is the most important.

You can get more information about armodafinil, and you can purchase your medication online as well without moving out of your homes. It is now effortless to get your prescription online, especially since you can get it 24X7.

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Checked Date: 26-Jul-2022
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