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General Information

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Collection of Data and its Uses:

It is our duty to ensure that the data of our customers are kept safe and is a priority of all times. The only detail that is asked from people is to provide a personalized solution to the patients. Purchasing a drug from the website requires a user to sign up for an account which then enables the user to place an order successfully. The information required by the website is not just limited to the email address but also requires the user to fill in the details such as shipping, name and payment detail, etc. of the user. Email plays an important part as it is the primary mode used to place and personalize orders and details related to it.


Security-related to the website

Information that is given by the user for their order delivery is usually encrypted. The type of encryption used for such a security-related clause is the SSL encryption. This encryption ensures that every detail mentioned in the website is protected and safe with us. There is a separate database for storing payment details that stores the card information. Such databases are not linked to any database of the website, thus keeping it safe from all the vulnerabilities of the website. All personal kinds of information can be guaranteed to be safe.


Orders and Policies related to Shipping

The price of each order placed with us depends on the weight of the medication purchased from us and the location of the user. The minimum allowed time for such transactions varies from 7 to 14 business days. It is advisable to order the medicines by keeping the buffer of 7 to 14 days so that people face no consequences from time to time.