Patient Agreement

Prescription Medicine From Modafinil

Note: This agreement is developed to bind a conscious customer and distributor relationship. Therefore, it includes all users who purchase different products supplied by Modafinil UK24.

  1. I confirm that I have received the required medical examination of my condition from my Doctor/Pharmacist.
  2. I agree that I have purchased the medicine for my health and thus strictly abide by the understanding that I shall not distribute it further.
  3. I agree to give full attention to every piece of information suggested and warning labels indicated by the manufacturer before product usage.
  4. I admit that I have taken the required permission from my Doctor/ Pharmacist before taking this medicine.
  5. I understand that giving wrong and unsolicited information about the medicine can further cause unfavourable results. Thus, I shall never condemn such actions.
  6. I confirm that I have full information about the product, its effects, and risk factors through professional consultation.
  7. I confirm that I will immediately visit the nearest healthcare help if I experience any side effects from the medicine I consumed.
  8. I confirm that I will keep my doctor informed about my consumption history while taking medicine.
  9. I agree to give Modafinil Uk24 the right to claim actions from my account for any amount I may owe them.
  10. I acknowledge that Modafinil uk24 cares about my privacy, and I understand that the required information is to give consumers the best services.
  11. I confirm that all the provided information is true to the best knowledge.

The drawn conclusion through this agreement is that you agree to Modafinil UK24’s customer-distributor terms and agree to adhere to them.