Shipping Details:

Shipping Charges: At Modafinil UK24, we try to deliver orders through different means. The charge of shipping depends on the mode of shipping. There are different kinds of addresses such as address, military address, home address, etc. which is given by people from time to time. The rates of all these kinds of addresses keep on changing, and it is requested by all users to please check the rates before avoiding any miscommunication in the total amount that needs to be paid by the end of it.

Shipping Address: The checkout page after placing the order usually asks the user for the shipping address. If you have already placed an order with us, and already existing order is used by the website which can always be altered and changed into a new one. All the drugs available with us are generic kinds.

Delays because of Custom: It is possible to have a lot of delay in the Customs Department of a certain country. Modafinil UK24 holds no responsibility for the same. These delays are something that we have no control over as we hold no authority over them. In case there is a delay in the order, people are requested to wait for an additional seven days before considering reshipment for the same.

Custom Charges: There is a custom charge that every person has to pay every time they try to import things into the country. The user usually pays these charges, and there can be a delay in the delivery of the client delays the payment.

Drug Policies: Modafinil UK24 has strict rules when it comes to drug policy. We do not try to sell any restricted substances to any of our clients.

Payment and Shipping Clause

Once a user places an order with Modafinil UK24, the dispatch of the drug takes place within 6 hours. The details related to order are sent to the email of the customer. There is an explicit contact number which helps a person to get in touch with the customer care related to queries of getting the order tracked. 

The place of delivery is very flexible and can be selected by the user as per their convenience. There is an explicit delivery called airmail that makes sure that the package is delivered in the hand of the user itself. This mail requires an authentication where the receiver/user has to sign and acknowledge the received parcel one-one. In case, the buyer is not available; the user usually gets a message regarding the optional delivery addresses where the mail parcel can be sent and delivered to the authentic sources.

There are times when a buyer simply goes to the nearby post office to collect their parcel on their own. Usually, the timeframe of that happening is 4 weeks after the delivery is sent to the user. If the buyer is unable to collect his/her parcel within 6 weeks, then the parcel is being shipped back to us